Epic War 6 is one of the most epic battle games ever created.

With an insane amount of levels, characters and objectives to be experienced you'll spend hours playing this game.

Epic War 6

The object of the game is to progress through the various stages of battle leading the way with your heroes and spawning units of soldiers. You are given a map of the region to make sure you have adequate navigational tools for your missions. You can see your opponents approaching and then deploy units accordingly. When heroes die they do get respawned, however it usually takes a while for the hero to return, leaving your units to be destroyed while you wait for another hero.

It is important to make sure you send your units ahead of your heroes, to make sure your heroes are alive when it is time to face the toughest times of battle. As you continue to collect more items and defeat your opponents in a strategic fashion you will advance to epic stages in Epic War 6. Every hero can lead two units of warriors, until you upgrade at which point you can begin deploying more units than ever before.

The game comes to an end when you are in the final levels, using various weapons and deploying dozens of units simultaneously. It becomes a continuous fight in order to survive in Epic War 6, simply because there is an overwhelming amount of enemies to defeat. The key to winning in this game is being conscious of your decisions and the order in which you deploy battle units.